Love’s Fire: What Will Keep Your Heart Warm Throughout Life’s Cold Dark Nights?


A camp fire requires a spark, kindling, and solid blocks of wood to really last. But fire only serves a good purpose if cared for. Unattended it’ll either die or consume everything around it. Love and fire share many characteristics.

Love’s spark comes from that feeling one gets when they first meet a new friend or lover. We see them and our heart flutters. A fever washes over us. Or their laughter catches out ear and turns out head. Whatever love’s initial spark, it emboldens us to draw closer and ignite.

Kindling comes from those first encounters when we’re on our best behavior. Eager to consume more but afraid our own faults might dowse the flame, we fight to be everything our partner desires. But while kindling burns hot, it cannot sustain itself. Chilling darkness collapses in on superficial relationships when the pine straw flames out. Its heat must penetrate layers of fear, pride, and ego. Our innermost selves must welcome the heat to catch fire.

Hardships will come and disappointments arise. We’re never as well put together as we tell the world. But the value of that deeper fire keeps us alive in the freezing winter nights. The light of our love shines in the darkest night. The product of our smoldering selves is life.

A well planned campfire can still go out. Damp wood and cold gust threaten to snuff out the flame. Don’t take love’s heat for granted. Stoke the coals, add more kindling. Revisit what that first spark ignited and reflect on all you may be thankful for in the red embers of your past together.

All good fires require boundaries to keep people safe. Clear away any flammable temptations. Corral the heat with a ring of rocks or encase it within a safe fireplace. Fire will consume any fuel in reach and burn you in your sleep.

Fire brought humanity out of the dark and tamed the cold. We’ve fashioned lanterns, kilns, ovens and industry, all to harness fire for our benefit. So too, love strengthens the weak, emboldens the timid, and heals the lame. Love’s fire lights life’s hope. And life’s hope forges humanity’s faith in a brighter future.


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