Where Do Monsters Come From? The Love Equation

Fear is the flowerbed of imagined monsters. In our minds shadows grow and gain power. They form limbs and lumber about. But real monsters, where do they come from? My new novel uses one to expose the other in an effort to defeat them all.

Red Sounding Front BlackS2promo2_049

As a popular song once said, “Love is the answer.” Subtract love or add hate to any child’s life and see what sprouts from within. I include hate in the love equation because I see it as the negative digits on a numeral scale. Simplistic as it sounds, I’ve seen people with a love surplus withstand greater hate.


But a tragic transformation occurs somewhere beyond the zero between love and hate. Some starving hearts, those with no hope in sight or no positive reference, feed on another source. “Hurt people hurt people,” I’ve heard. The news and history provide ample evidence. In the absence of love or having grown up unaccustomed to it, the heart devours admiration, fear, and pain. It delights in suffering and seeks vengeance for old wrongs.

Humanity’s greatest and most horrific achievements were accomplished with heartfelt passion. Our ability to love others and the effort to love strangers and even enemies will turn back the hatred tide one spot on the number line at a time. Our kind words and actions today can save tomorrow from the next atrocity visited by someone who’s lost sight of the positivity of their own heart.


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