Zealot’s Folly: Rex’s Crusade Takes a Dark Turn

Ever feel alone in knowing what’s best for the world? Ever feel compelled to fight for your viewpoint? Has anyone ever accused you of adopting your enemy’s tactics to see your crusade through? That’s where Rex finds himself in Zealot’s Folly.

Having seen the truth behind The Veneer Clause, machine-kind imprisoned him.

Cover Art for The Veneer Clause

Having seen the origins of his predicament through The Perfect Telescope, he fought for his freedom. Now he feels compelled to carry his message to the rest of humanity… and they’re not having any of it.

Book Cover for The Perfect Telescope

In a world where everyone can customize the life around them, where perfect mimics make solitude more palatable and human companionship seem a chore, Rex must convince others that all the conflict that comes from real friendship and real love outweighs the strife it invites.

Zealot's Follly

Third in the Veneer Series, Zealot’s Folly begins Rex’s darker days in a golden future of opulence and sloth. No one sees it that way, of course. Imagine being able to customize the company you keep. With friends who laugh at all your jokes and enjoy every hobby you desire, no one’s in any hurry to invite strangers with their own opinions and interests into their lives. Worse, everyone’s dream date tends to their needs with no opposing or competing needs of their own. No more messy break ups if it doesn’t work out. Simply dismiss your mimic and commission another to take its place.

If Zealot’s Folly interests you, please check out the first and second stories in this series: The Veneer Clause and The Perfect Telescope.



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