Crave Me Like a Candy Bar: A Poem… I Think.

     Ever love someone with such a smushy mushy feeling you get all glowy inside when you look in their eyes? Fate has a way of matching smushy mushy with a porcupine or a hedgehog or somebody that just isn’t into all that touching and smooching. I’m going out on a limb sharing this. I’ve put my man card in jeopardy, but damn it, I’m doing this. I’m a writer eager to get something launched from my heart into the aether like a signal flare, a beacon to all the other melty hearts out there. You’re not alone. Or maybe I’m just trying to reassure myself I’m not alone. I love my wife and enjoy something as simple as the look in her eyes when I make her laugh. I’m dancing around the issue. I’ll get on with it. Here’s the poem I had to get it out:

Crave Me Like a Candy Bar


I see your eyes and my smile rises

I hear your voice and my heart palpitatizes

A touch of your hand brings on a fever

A sample of your soul has made me a believer


But when will my racing heart have a companion?

Won’t you please embrace me with reckless abandon?

I ache for you, would break for you

I need your affection

Crave me like a candy bar

Your favorite confection


Wallowing in fantasy dreams I know you aren’t perfect

But I need your love’s lighthouse before I am shipwrecked

A kiss, a touch, a passionate message from your heart

I need that connection

Please crave me like a candy bar

I envy that confection


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