The Veneer Series: The Story so Far

We live in a world of comfort and convenience, where machines keep us entertained, alive, distracted. What happens when this trend continues to its ultimate end? What happens when the companionship of perfect servants supplants a loving relationship with all its flaws?


Rex lives in such a world and despises it for what it’s done to his family and, on a grander scale, humanity. This series speaks to those who feel an energetic undercurrent of curiosity, an insatiable hunger for answers, and an unstoppable drive to create.

In The Veneer Clause, Rex’s father, Todd encourages the boy’s curiosity while his mother, Ann, worries what the answers to his questions might bring. Unable to cope with her son’s eventual departure, she hunts for a way to keep him home. Todd sees many of their worlds laws and facades as detrimental to his son’s development into manhood.

In The Perfect Telescope, Rex finds himself sequestered from humanity, machine-kind’s solution for a young man bent on continuing his father’s work. Only by turning the purpose of a starship’s warp engine in on itself can he unravel the mystery from within his prison.

Next month, in  Zealot’s Folly, Rex grows up and seeks to win others over to his cause. But who will abandon a paradise where one’s ego stands at the center of the universe? Who will invite competition for attention and affection into their ideal worlds? Rex falters in his faith and finds himself adopting the ways of his enemy to further his cause.

As this series continues into 2014, Rex must strike out from the crowd for his dream to survive. In the wake of mankind’s trek across the stars he’ll find remnants of a less perfect past and hope in a future for human compassion.


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