Poisoned Passions, an Audio Adventure for me, a Cozy Ghost Story for You



     So many readers today lack time to go through the pages but find time in their long commute or their traveling career to catch up on stories to entertain their imagination. Many folks I meet at conventions ask me if I’ve got anything formatted for audio. Until this past winter that answer’s been ‘no’. I spent a year teetering on the fence, afraid to take on a new kind of project, unwilling to sacrifice more time I’d otherwise spend writing my latest creation. And then I met Tomas Burki.

     Seems funny to say that’s when  I met him, given that he’s lived ten doors down from me in a small Southeast Georgia town. My wife used to look after him when he was little. His father and I were shipmates in the navy. It took a series of serendipitous events to bring us together and after a bumpy beginning, I feel we’ve become a good team. I won’t get into the details, but his grandmother, their dog, and another shipmate of mine brought us together.

     Poisoned Passions has been available as an e-book since August of 2012 and as Halloween loomed over this past fall’s horizon, I thought it’d be great to get it out there for the ghostly season. Turns out, it’s not as easy as simply reading it into a microphone; at least not when you want voice actors and sound effects to lend it a ‘radio theater’ feel.

     I love what Tomas has done with my story and we’ve begun work on a series of new projects. So whether you read or listen, if you like speculative fiction, I invite you to check it out.

     I’ve discovered my life’s passion in writing and drive toward two dreams within the same vessel; to share stories that thrilled me, hoping they’ll touch others the same way, and to encourage others to explore themselves, discover their talented passion, and dive in for all it’s worth. Earning a living is only a sliver of life, but to breath life into your own work, that yields returns no banker can count.


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