If Anne Rice and Tom Clancy Wrote a Vampire Novel: Red Sounding

                As a Cold War submariner, I’ve taken a unique look at several popular story concepts and asked myself, “What if that story was set on a submarine?”







Red Sounding answers such a question.




Image                Vampires, everybody’s done them in almost every imaginable way… almost. Aboard a Cold War Soviet submarine, a vampire on the run finds sanctuary. With no daylight to fear and few places for anyone to run, it’ll boil down to supernatural speed and brawn against the few clever survivors of the crew.

                But as I began plotting and outlining, a theme came across; how those who judge drive some into hiding or worse. Who judges the judge? When does our concept of right and wrong doom folks we don’t fully understand to accept their condemnation and drive them deeper into the dark places rejection, depression, hazing and ostracizing leads them.

                I don’t like what others may do, I might even consider it repulsive, but that doesn’t justify hatred. So I’m trying to let go of my gavel and reach out to others who mean me no harm and instead try to treat them like a fellow human being.

                So, for those looking for a gore-fest or sparkling vampires, look elsewhere. I’m shooting for the thriller vibe as the living amongst the crew shrinks. I’m telling a story about the kind of villain someone becomes when faced with nothing but hatred. I’m telling a story about a hero’s sacrifice that comes easily when faced with how wrong their judgmental attitude had been.


4 thoughts on “If Anne Rice and Tom Clancy Wrote a Vampire Novel: Red Sounding

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