Dangers Braved in the Pursuit of Answers: The Perfect Telescope

Distraction, diversion, deception; with these tools, machine-kind hope to obscure Rex’s imprisoned state. Kept busy and content in small discoveries, they hide from him answers to larger questions. Eventually, he chooses to risk his life to explore the truth.

Is the truth that valuable? Lies intended to blunt harsh realities seem a kindness to many. Our vocabulary to label people changes as sensitivities arise to the old names. Governments create comforting words to describe old tactics as tamer versions of the same. Sports for children remove the competitive nature by no longer keeping score. Do we build a better future with these diluted truths about the world they will inherit? Or will a weaker grasp of facts create a comfortable demise?

Conversely, facts forged of iron can crush the spirit of exploration and experimentation. All of my published works were put through the crucible of a peer review before I submitted them. Had all those criticisms I sought been sharply delivered, like a slew of razor blades, my writing days might’ve ended years ago.

And now, a bit about the story itself.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read The Veneer Clause, you may not to read further.

In this second installment of The Veneer Series, Rex has spent two years engrossed in the library of all knowledge. And yet the mystery of his parents’ disappearance still plagues him. When he appeals to the Steward of Ninety-First Earth for assistance he learns about the conditions of his stay. Rex’s knowledge of the Veneer Clause marks him as a danger to the tranquility of all other humans. He may never be allowed to travel beyond the Steward’s facility. Determined to understand his parents’ decision and incensed by his imprisonment, Rex fights back the only way he can. In the end he uncovers the central focus of the Steward’s multilayered plan.


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