Ghost Court: Hopefully Funny and Scary for All the Right Reasons

     How funny is suicide or the afterlife? A dangerous first line, I’ll grant you, but I’ve had a story brewing in my head for a while now that won’t go away until I write it. Is it funny? Is it dark? Does it resonate in your heart when you remember how some folks have thrown their lives away over the mole-hill that looms like a mountain in their brief lives? Those are my challenges. Those are my goals. That’s Ghost Court.


     My biggest fear with this project? Folks won’t even chuckle. Angry crusaders against my flippant portrayal of the afterlife, no big deal. Those people aren’t who I’m writing Ghost Court for. But when those who enjoyed Beetle Juice don’t laugh at the right moments or feel a tug at their heart strings where I did when I wrote it; my stomach will turn to lead and my mind will implode.


    What’s all the fuss about? A teenage boy, given a golden opportunity, finds himself shamed in front of the entire school. When he takes his life to end his misery, bigger problems emerge. Expecting to haunt his home the rest of his undead days, he finds another phantom already owns those rights. What do they do about it? Take it up in court.


     Richard must defend his actions and explain the depths of his tragedy if he’s to hold onto the only remnant of his existence. In the process he gains perspective and finds new hope and a new goal with his one and only afterlife.


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