Take the Plunge and Engage Your Own Inner Geek


     I drove forty minutes from my home to Jacksonville, Florida in search of more of my own kind. In the heart of the sprawling metropolis I entered a labyrinthine hotel and eventually found the convention’s check in desk and met with its bright, helpful staff. Before long I set up camp, perused the tables of others, and settled into an enjoyable convention. Dozens of fellow fans of Doctor Who, Firefly, steampunk, Star Trek, and many more eclectic pleasures came by, shared their stories and listened to mine. We had laughs, debated opinions, and learned from each other. The writer’s panel gave me an opportunity to field questions I’d been dying to answer to anyone who’d listen. My fellow panelists provided me new insight into our shared craft and the weekend ended like a childhood sleep over, with weary friends wandering home happier than when they’d come together a short time ago.


     So whatever you geek out on, fishing, crocheting, or cat juggling; there’s a congregation of similarly enthralled folks out there waiting to welcome you home.


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