New Short Story Series, Isaac Asimov, and Asperger’s Syndrome

     In writing this series, I feel myself connecting with my ‘inner Asimov’. I’ve always been fascinated by robots, androids, and artificial intelligence. I found websites suggesting that Isaac had Asperger’s Syndrome, like me. The nature of Asperger’s made me wonder if it contributed to machine-kind’s appeal.  They are often depicted as honest to a fault, emotionally inept, and eager observers of humanity’s unfathomable behavior. While I’m neither a perfect representation of human or machine, these qualities resonate within me. So here’s what I’m working on…


     In the apex of technology’s advancement, when machines tend to humanity like spoiled children, where will our hearts lie? With nothing left to know and nowhere left to explore, where will humanity focus its energies?


     In ‘The Veneer Clause’ meet Rex as he grows up sheltered from it all. Learn the secret oath forced upon his parents and designed to keep him imprisoned in paradise.


     In ‘The Perfect Telescope’ follow Rex and his stepfather Todd as they work to see the history behind Rex’s past. Unable to leave Ninety-First Moon, the young man devises a unique way to see his mystery unfold.


     In ‘Siren of the Stars’ Rex rescues a woman on the run from the same machines he flees. What secret propels her into his arms and what price will he pay for taking her in?


     Having looked at various technological developments, I couldn’t help noticing how much distance we comfortably place between ourselves and the proxies we employ to replace intimate relationships.


     The Veneer Clause and The Perfect Telescope have been submitted for publication while Siren of the Stars remains a work in progress. I’m looking to work my way backward from the apex of technology to reveal the nature of the nadir of mankind.


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