Aether Legion: From Caerphilly to Krakatau, a Sequel Unfolds

Written by Winfield H. Strock IIIPublished by Rebel Ink Press, Cover Art by James Christopher Hill
Written by Winfield H. Strock III
Published by Rebel Ink Press, Cover Art by James Christopher Hill

In this sequel to Adventures Above the Aether, in 1883, an unscrupulous duo, the Dummond brothers, steal secrets from the first expedition to fuel their bold ambitions; to lead humanity into space and immortalize themselves in chronicles of history.

Cameron Dummond dreams to eclipse his father’s Earthly industrial empire with a commercial enterprise beyond the sky as the world’s first aether tycoon. Needing secrecy and the security of arms he turns to the only man he trusts, his bellicose brother, Tiberius.

Tiberius joins his brother after his personal freebooting army falls prey to turncoat rebels in Central America. Within Cameron’s campaign for a Hong Kong amongst the stars Tiberius yearns for the intangible plunders of battle and glory. He arms his men and wields their unswerving loyalty toward conquest at any cost.

But what of those adventurers who fell back to Earth in 1881 who’ve sworn to keep their secrets hidden and hoped to return to more tranquil lives?

What manner of phantom haunts Regina’s ancestral home in Caerphilly, Wales? Is it a hellish hoax, have guilt and remorse summoned the man who wears her lost husband’s face or has she gone mad?

What happened to the French wordsmith Julian Turleau? Will he succumb to Cameron’s alluring guarantees of riches and fame and ignore his oath of secrecy? If so, what of the ultimatum that threatens not only Julian but the world?

Where is Osashar, the scientist whose genius launched mankind’s first foray into space and fulcrum upon which the Dummond’s plot eventually rests? Adamant about keeping their secrets safe, will he follow through with his destructive ultimatum should the Dummonds succeed in their greedy venture? Who will get to him first? What bizarre plan has he for the future of Earth’s celestial neighbors?

Will Solomon ‘Hap’ Hanson find his friends before it’s too late, before they break under torture or succumb to the temptations of gold and glory? How will he escape the Dutch East Indies when he finds his fate intertwined with ancient legends and the wrath of the great volcano?

From Caerhpilly to Krakatau, between Cameron’s conspiracies and Tiberius’ henchmen; Hap must avert Earth’s apocalypse at the hand of one madman while protecting fragile civilizations on the brink from another as he fights to halt the Aether Legion.


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