Writer’s Block Surgically Removed

My writing began in February 2007.  The exact date escapes me.

When my biggest case of writer’s block broke free?  December 7th 2007.

I remember this date very well.  I entered a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida for a craniotomy.

Over the course of twenty-three years in the navy, aboard nuclear submarines, alongside nuclear weapons; a tumor had grown in my head to the size of a plum.  Only when it began to strangle my optic nerve did I get the kind of examination that discovered the meningioma.

Going under the knife seemed easy.  All I had to do was show up; they’d take care of the rest.  I remember waking up muddleheaded.  My family stood around me talking with me.  I heard them but could not speak clearly.  An incredible thirst overwhelmed me.  I clamored for a pen and paper.  Feverishly I wrote.  Before anyone could make out my message I passed out.


Four days later I awoke from my coma a changed man.  Initially don’t see the difference though others do; my wife does.  I am different.  One thing I’m thankful for, one thing I want to share in this blog; without saying so much, I finally got off my ass and took writing seriously.  Writing requires writing.  Seems like such a dumb statement as I see it written before me.  Hope is a great thing, but hope without help can sour and die on the vine.  Here’s hoping all you would-be writers harvest your hopes and harness your passion.  Write your heart out and see your heart grow.



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