Coming to a Convention Near You?

Some folks have asked me, “How do you reach readers?”

Honest answer?

Any way I can, provided I don’t need an alibi or a lawyer afterwards.

I blog, such as it is in the hopes of reaching readers of science fiction and steampunk. Additionally I hope to offer encouraging highlights of my writing challenges and triumphs.

I tweet occasionally though the twitter biz seems so frenetic I hardly know what to say.

Facebook is simple but I’ve yet to really reach more than a hundred folks, but I’m still trying.

But attending conventions remains my favorite means to reach readers and potential fans of the adventurous tales I’ve written. I love to meet folks face to face and share more than my stories. The story behind stories, my passion for writing and encouraging others to likewise explore their life and find what they’re passionate about. These opportunities thrill me.

I’ve booked four conventions this year to unveil my second novel, Aether Legion. I’ll by in Charlotte, NC, Charleston SC, Atlanta GA, and Jacksonville FL. I’ve tried to keep my focus relatively close to home but in the past I’ve gone as far as Massachusetts and West Virginia. I’m looking for book fairs and other conventions too, so feel free to send me info on any others out there.

Here are links to where I’m headed so far:


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