The Hermit Emerges

The Hermit Emerges

                It’s been awhile since my last blogpost and the holidays weren’t my only distractor. My last post seemed prophetic in retrospect as I sent my manuscript for the sequel to Adventures Above the Aether in to my publisher.

                I found myself eager to get through edits and chomping at the bit to see what my editor might’ve uncovered. Like so many children huddled around the Christmas tree eyeing their gifts with impatient fervor, I decided to pick up my manuscript and get started on the edits myself; kinda like when I used to feel the heft and listen to whatever might rattle and shift inside those brightly wrapped boxes oh so many decades ago.

                It wasn’t a cleverly disguised chunk of coal but it wasn’t any Red Ryder BB gun either. To my shock and horror I encountered a plethora of errors I’d neglected to clean up. At first I figured, no biggie, it’s only a few; that’s what editors get paid to do. But as I delved further, in addition to realizing the laziness and wrongness of my assessment of editors but the manuscript bristled with after effects of previous rewrites. Once I recognized the scope of my crisis I shot an email to Rebel Ink Press and urged them to disregard my previous submission; I’d get back to them with a cleaner copy.

                Editors find the hard stuff, those imperfections made invisible by the same imaginative mind that wrote the initial story. Because it’s in my head I can’t always tell when details haven’t made the page because the story in my head automatically fills in the details.

                So rather give the gift of a hastily wrapped, sloppily constructed manuscript, put in the effort needed to make my editor’s efforts more easily focused on the faults I cannot find on my own.

                I’ve got to say, despite the extra work I feel like I gave myself a gift in the process.


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