The Real Prime Directive

One subject addressed in Adventures Above the Aether stems from historic encounters between divergent cultures and the disasters that followed.

Every culture believes in its primacy. In the past few people willingly admitted this hidden belief despite the evidence. Civilizations more powerful than those it encountered tended to envelope, consume, dismiss or destroy the weaker of the two. Rationalizations served as the veneer for these cultural clashes, to ease the collective conscience. These instances range from ancient civilizations to modern nations.

Star Trek recognized the potential harm in contact between the powerful, advanced, prosperous Federation and other more deprived worlds. They introduced The Prime Directive to restrict influence on planets less advanced and allow them an opportunity to develop naturally on their own. Many episodes centered on this noble concept and its use, abuse, and occasional neglect or dismissal. Whatever the choice, whatever the outcome, these episodes typically espoused the validity of its purpose and enforced the notion that though we may not all be equally capable of defending our way of life, responsibility rests with power, to rein in natural expansive tendencies.

In ‘Adventures’, even as these explorers seek to help civilizations on the brink of ruin, through  intentional and unintentional means they impress their own beliefs and ideals upon their charges and create turmoil where peace in unexpected places. Faith and philosophies shake to their foundations and schisms ensue. While unrest ripples through these people and emotions run high, eventually some old tenets prove obsolete or based on erroneous information, stories distorted by time.

Science fiction has often been the backdrop for controversial topics; where our preconceptions of current issues present themselves from a perspective strange enough to dislodge our opinions from their entrenched positions and give them a different view of the same landscape.


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