Love, Lust, the Living and the Undead

Nightmares and wet dreams; a beguiling phantom visits a young couple, but for what purpose? In their dream home, with their newborn child, Bradford and Lisa struggle to keep love alive in a relationship where passion died. And where passion dies among the living, poisoned passion feeds the dead.


During my time writing Adventures Above the Aether, I attended a writer’s workshop whose members held science fiction in dim regard. Add to that the inconsistent nature of the workshop’s attendance and I had a nightmare of a time getting constructive feedback on a rather large manuscript. So, to get better commentary, I wrote short stories, a number of which strayed from my main work’s genre. Thus, Poisoned Passions was born. I love the story, the juxtaposition of lust versus love, the dialogue between the rookie cop/rookie husband and his mentor at work and married life. I hope those seeking a fascinating tale and a chill down their spine will give it a look.


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