Why Steampunk? It’s a Little Like Football

Crazy, but true; in my mind at least. Let me begin in the past… with football.

I used to enjoy it for the action, the hard hits, and the slow-motion highlights of feats impossible to appreciate with the naked eye. Over time I learned more about the strategy, and teamwork involved. Others delve deeper, with fantasy football leagues, draft parties, and the like.

So I’m a steampunk fan from way back; loved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the original series Wild Wild West. Initially the action, costumes, and settings familiar yet exotic; these draw me in. Now the parallels and perspective, and the allure of ‘what-if’s’ offer a richer fascination.

Steampunk’s open frontiers allow for exploration, mutation, and creativity. A thin common thread binds together an ever growing tapestry of imagination.

If football’s ever going to compete for my attention, they’ll need a wider variety in their game; maybe add an airship to the playing field, and put the players in giant robot suits.


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