Heart-Song: What Resonates Within You?

            Some folks ask me, why do you enjoy and pursue writing?  Is it fame, riches?  As I ponder the answer, I relive the reason, and my heart soars.

So many incidental collisions of wood, metal, glass, and stone occur every day.  Every so often the objects manage to strike a perfect note, with the whole of the object reverberating, singing its song.  Their sounds so pure, loud, and pleasing to the ears, I imagine the first musical instruments created from such serendipitous instances.

My favorite books, television, and movies strike an emotional chord within me.  I’ve experienced joy from the most unlikely moments simply because the story teller’s message, strikes a perfect note upon my heart.  I laugh or cry, often both, thrilled by penetrating nature of their communication.

Simultaneously, as I seek the next story to evoke that lovely thrill again, I imagine more stories along the same lines, alternative endings or additional content to extend the experience.

Even poorly concocted stories, failing to fuel the same flame, still manage to add to my imagination’s appetite.  What if this sloppily told tale were reworked?  What if the characters were made richer, more believable, or more fantastic?

So, for all those moments where another person’s work set my heart singing, I set out on a similar quest.  As perfectly as they strike a wonderful note within my soul, as joyful as their works make me, the desire to share the experience and lift the spirits of others resounds within me.

Fame and wealth, I suspect fail to satisfy for very long.  The treasure I seek most comes from those precious moments when my stories strike with the power to reverberate throughout the hearts of others, to strike a perfect note.

Reliving the reason for writing, again my imagination plays with the idea.  Perhaps this answers so many other questions.  Artists of all kinds, do they seek to transmit a song from their heart to others?  For that matter, do we all search for a way to share the gift of joy, with the greatest reward nestled within the smiling eyes of others?

Maybe my head’s been buried in the accumulation of things and accolades until now.  Maybe everyone else already knows what I see as a brand new discovery.  But what if I’m wrong?

So my new goal stems from this hypothesis; share the joy found in sowing joy, encourage those who dream of happiness found through evoking happiness in the hearts of others.


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