Question, Investigate, Believe

How many ‘truths’ have been disproven in human history?  The world is flat, the earth is the center of the universe; the list goes on until any group of people tend to mention currently held ‘truths’.  ‘Adventures’ aims to call into question some fuzzy ‘facts’ about our solar system and humanity’s history.  Are we the only sentient beings to circle the sun?  If some myths are actually distorted facts, what might those myths entail?  How many epic adventures have historians missed or misunderstood?

Various permutations of faith surface and interact throughout ‘Adventures’.  Blind faith invites disaster.  Faithlessness begets hopelessness.  Between these two lies an ideal balance.  A perceptive, inquisitive mind can discern where best to invest their heart.  Careful examination must precede and continue through any such endeavors.

So I put it to the reader, question accepted truth, investigate the world around you, and find something you can believe in; because faith wisely placed makes anyone capable of greater accomplishments.


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