Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, and the Bible; what do they have in common?

     Don’t run away, not just yet.  A friend suggested my blog include provocative questions.  These three are listed in chronological order as they affected my imaginative drive and my desire to tell a story.As a child I grew up watching Kirk and the Enterprise tackle the troubles that plagued space.  As a boy with as yet undiagnosed Asperger’s SyndromeI identified so much more with Spock.  Neither Vulcan or Human he didn’t fit in anywhere and he never sacrificed his own identity to belong.  The Enterprise and crew, their diversity, bold thirst for adventure, and enthusiastic pursuit of discovery excited my own imagination.Teenagers tend to feel life is an uncomfortable fit.  Games filled with opportunities for my imagination to run wild offered an easy escape.  Dungeons and Dragons seemed a perfect fit.  With this game came a subculture of fellow ‘uncomfortables’.  For each of us the kingdom of geekdom leveled the social playing field for hours at a time.Within the Bible parables teach wisdom while distracting us from the act of learning.  Great wisdom concerning the complexities of ethical and moral choices are simplified for easy access.  My faith carried me through brain surgery, moments of tragedy, self doubt, and a happy matured marriage of twenty five years.  Everyone must find their own path.  I’ll only say that faith in something bigger than myself helps me weather whatever storms life has in store more peacefully.

My Star Trek childhood sent me in search of my own adventures, my own discoveries.  I joined the navy and served aboard submarines for twenty three years.

I eventually turned my story telling desires away from gaming and towards a larger audience in writing.  I hope to see my science fiction stories touch the imaginative hearts of readers the way writing it touched mine.

Faith has pointed me towards a path of sharing the need for it in others.  Believe in something bigger and you’ll be capable of so much more.


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